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Azocor - Good fastness Leather Dyes



Azocor is a series of high fastness leather dyes with various colors. It applies on leather and is easy for users to obtain all kinds of shades.


        ✓ Excellent Fastness                     ✓ Fit Environmental –safety request

        ✓ Great leveling                             ✓ High exhaustion rate

        ✓ Less residue of dyeing finish    ✓ Well repeatability

        ✓ Well-construction and easy match color


Azocor 1.pdf   Azocor 2.pdf

  * Brown series 


Brown ALT                                     

Brown NG                                      

Brown GB

Brown G

Brown VR

Brown EFR

Brown E3R

Brown VG

Brown DG

Brown RL

Brown DR

Brown SG

Brown SR

Brown EDW

Brown APX

  * Black and Grey series 


Black NG                                     

Black NGS                                      

Black NL

Black NGR

Black PTG

Black FG

Black MD

Black FTR

Black PSK


Grey BC

Grey LR



  * Yellow series 


Yellow 4GL

Yellow 4G

Yellow MR

Yellow 3RL

Orange 2GL

Orange II

Orange GTL

Beige TG

Beige TR



  * Red series 


Red RSNN                                     

Red FSGN                                     

Red NG

Red 4BN

Red 4BS

Red F2G

Red 3BN

Red SB

Red 10B

Bordeaux V 


Rubine BL

Bordeaux MB







  * Blue series 


Blue G                                     

Blue FBL                                     

Blue BRL

Blue MR

Cyanine 5R

Bk. Blue 10B

Navy R







  * Green series 


Green KRN                                     

Green BS                                    

Green BN

Green PV

Green AG


  * Violet series 


Violet 4BR

Violet ER

Violte FBL




# The shades displayed on this website are intended to convey the general characteristics of the product and do not illustrate the actual appearance of the finished dyeing. Due to differences in computer monitors, screen resolution, graphic cards and web browsers, the colors displayed on this website will vary.

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