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Acid Dyes 高品質酸性染料
DYEACID colors
For Nylon

    Name of Color                   Color Sample 

Dyeacid Yellow K-4R

Dyeacid Red K-2B

Dyeacid Blue K-4R


Dyeacid Yellow PA

Dyeacid Red PA

Dyeacid Blue PA


Dyeacid Yellow 5GW

Dyeacid Yellow MR

Dyeacid Yellow A4R

Dyeacid Orange GS

Dyeacid Red NG

Dyeacid Red 3G

Dyeacid Red FGSN

Dyeacid Red Brown V

Dyeacid Red 3BN

Dyeacid Sky Blue R 200%

Dyeacid Blue RL

Dyeacid Cyanine 6B

Dyeacid Blue 2RN

Dyeacid Blue AFN

Dyeacid Blue A2G

Dyeacid Cyanine 5R New

Dyeacid Green GSL

Dyeacid Yellow NFG

Dyeacid Blue M5G

Dyeacid Black FG

Dyeacid Rubine 5BL 200%

Dyeacid Bright Red N-B

Dyeacid Red 377 200%

Dyeacid Rhodamine 

Dyeacid Orange AGT

Dyeacid Orange SLF

Dyeacid Yellow 4R

Dyeacid Yellow 4GN 110%

Dyeacid Yellow 232

Dyeacid Red RSN

Dyeacid Dark Blue M-TR

Dyeacid Blue BG

Dyeacid Blue F-BRN

Dyeacid Blue BRL

Dyeacid Navy R

Dyeacid Cobalt Blue N-WL

Dyeacid Red F-GP

Dyeacid Red 357

Dyeacid Red 10B

Dyeacid Red 266

Dyeacid Blue F-RL 200%

DYESET colors
For Nylon

    Name of Color                   Color Sample 

Dyeset Yellow 4G

Dyeset Yellow 2R

Dyeset Red 2B

Dyeset Bordeaux B 

Dyeset Blue 2R

Dyeset Navy R

Dyeset Dark Green M-B

Dyeset Black MD H/C

Dyeset Black X-SF

Dyeset Blue PA-2R

Dyeset Blue X-SF

Dyeset Orange R

Dyeset Red G

Dyeset Yellow 3RL

Dyeset Brown B

Dyeset Violet FBL

Dyeset Violet 4BN

Dyeset Blue 2RN

Dyeset Violet 5R

# The shades displayed on this website are intended to convey the general characteristics of the product and do not illustrate the actual appearance of the finished dyeing. Due to differences in computer monitors, screen resolution, graphic cards and web browsers, the colors displayed on this website will vary.

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