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Dyezol ED 

ECO-friendly middle temperature reactive dyestuffs for middle to deep shades

     # Dyezol Blue ED-G


Dyezol E-LX

Middle temperature reactive dyestuffs with high light fastness for pale shades

     # Dyezol Yellow E-LX

     # Dyezol Red E-LX

     # Dyezol Blue E-LX


Dyezol Deep S

Middle temperature reactive dyestuffs for super deep shades

     # Dyezol Deep Orange S-4R

     # Dyezol Deep Cherry S-D

     # Dyezol Deep Night S-R


Dyexcelon SFH

High Temperature Reactive Dyes

For Polyster/Cotton Blended (One Bath Two Step)



Dyexcelon CN

Neutral-fixing Reactive Dyes

High-temperature dyeing, without alkali

Polyster/Cotton Blended (One Bath One Step)

(Nippon Kayaku Standard)


Dyexcel Acryl ED

Basic "Eazy Dyes" for Acrylic and CDP dyeing

(Nippon Kayaku Standard)


Azocor Black/Brown New

Noval leather black and brown dyestuffs with ECO-friendly properties and good leather fastness 

     # Azocor Black NL new

(Azobenzene free,環保無毒新,通過SGS安全品質認證,無任何含有導致慢性病病及健康危害物質)




Dyedirect supra Blue New

ECO-friendly direct blue dyestuffs for dyeing cotton/paper

     # Dyedirect supra Blue BRR














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