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Reactive Dyes 活性染料
Basic high temperature (80℃) dyeing series. Suitable for exhaustion dyeing.
Usage: Cellulose (Dip dyeing)


Novacion Yellow H-E6G         

Novacion Yellow H-E4G         

Novacion Yellow H-E4R        

Novacion Orange H-ER         

Novacion Scarlet H-E3G                    

Novacion Red H-E3B              

Novacion Red H-E7B             

Novacion Blue H-EGN           

Novacion Blue H-ERD            

Novacion Navy Blue H-ER      

Novacion Green H-E4BD       

Novacion Turqoise Blue HA   

Novacion Black H-ER                             

C.I. No.   

Reactive Yellow 135

Reactive Yellow 105

Reactive Yellow 84

Reactive Orange 84


Reactive Red 120

Reactive Red 141

Reactive Blue 198

Reactive Blue 160

Reactive Blue 171

Reactive Green 19

Reactive Blue 71


Medium temperature (60℃) dyeing series with excellent reproducibility.
Usage: Cellulose (Dip dyeing)


Dyezol Yellow 4GL                

Dyezol Yellow 3GL               

Dyezol Yellow GR 150%       

Dyezol Yellow 3RS H/C       

Dyezol Yellow 2GR Conc.     

Dyezol Orange ME2R            

Dyezol Orange 3R 135%       

Dyezol Scarlet 2GF                

Dyezol Red 2BF                    

Dyezol Red 3BS H/C           

Dyezol Red 6BN Conc.         

Dyezol Red F3B                   

Dyezol Red ME6B                 

Dyezol Red RB                      

Dyezol Turq. Blue G 133%    

Dyezol Blue R S/p 150%       

Dyezol Brill. Blue BB 133%    

Dyezol Blue BRF 150%         

Dyezol Navy Blue BF             

Dyezol Navy Blue FBL          

Dyezol Navy Blue GF                       

Dyezol Black B H/C               

Dyezol Black NR                        

Dyezol Black ED                            

Dyezol Black USN                         

Dyezol Black WNN                      

Dyezol Black SG                             

Dyezol Black SR                             

Dyezol Black ED-G                          

Dyezol Black ED-R                           


C.I. No.   

Reactive Yellow 160

Reactive Yellow 64

Reactive Yellow 145

Reactive Yellow 145

Reactive Yellow 145  

Reactive Orange 122

Reactive Orange 16

Reactive Red 222

Reactive Red 194

Reactive Red 195

Reactive Red 195

Reactive Red 180

Reactive Red 159

Reactive Red 198

Reactive Blue 21

Reactive Blue 19

Reactive Blue 220

Reactive Blue 221

Reactive Blue 222

Reactive Blue 222:1


Reactive Black 5










# The shades displayed on this website are intended to convey the general characteristics of the product and do not illustrate the actual appearance of the finished dyeing. Due to differences in computer monitors, screen resolution, graphic cards and web browsers, the colors displayed on this website will vary.

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